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New! All-in-One Interactive Map 

We are working on a new interactive map to meet all your needs. Please, take a few minutes and visit the site below.

This is an interactive Map App with various layers including all the wells with links to logs, faults, depth to top of Hickory, etc.

This is a new ALL-IN-ONE APP Map. We recently added two Ellenburger layers: one with points and one with contour lines created from those points. This is still a work in progress so it is not 100% accurate.

If you're using the Surface Geology layer, you can use this jpg as a more in-depth legend. The heights of the rows are not scaled to thicknesses. Geologic Units and Groundwater Potential

Check it out and give us feedback please.

Satellite map of Texas with colored dots indicating data, likely related to geography, environment, or demographics.
A simple line map possibly showing a region's outline with names of places around it. The map lacks detail and context.
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